Friday, September 19, 2008

Talk Like A Pirate Day, Is It?

It be a great Tradition on this here date to Talk Like a Pirate. Talk like a pirate day has been around for lo these many years-as far back as 1995 by some accounts of the Old Timers. It be that greatest of great events in the otherwise hum drum life of land lubbers the whole world over to talk like a pirate.

A Pirate walks into a bar. He has a ship's wheel where his belt buckle should be. The Bartender looks at him and asks-"What's with the wheel?"

"Arrgh," The Pirate says, "That drives me nuts."

Ye mad lot what dwells in the Great Dark City of London had best be wary when you talk like a pirate. Until 1700 all cases of piracy by British subjects or in British colonies be under the jurisdiction of the High Court of Admiralty in London. What this highfalutin talk means is that Pirates who be captured be sent back to London and locked up in the fine prisons of Newgate or the Marshalsea before being sent for trial at the Old Bailey. Talk like a pirate, go to prison. Arr, me hearty they be dangerous fellows who surely talked like a pirate.

There be a great number of Pirates tried and executed in London. So be watching who you go about talkin like a Pirate to. It could be swinging from the gallows of the Execution Dock on the north bank of the Thames you'll be findin your fine self one birght and shinnin mornin.

Arrgh, I hates being awake that early.

There be a couple of fine Pirates from that great city of London-Captain Edward Low was born in Westminster, to be sure. And that fine female pirate Mary Read was born in London. They surely talk like a pirate, at least while they could still be talkin.

Arr, me hearty, there be a great granddaddy of all Pirate Books-A General History of the Most Notorious Pyrates and it became a best-seller. New editions came out each year after 1724. Written in London by the mysterious Captain Charles Johnson, it be based evidence of pirate trials, on newspaper reports and on interviews with sailors lucky enough to have met(been captured by) pirates. It be a grand and glorious book, so I be told. Don't know if they be talkin like a pirate, but they sure be spelling like a pirate.

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