Sunday, September 14, 2008

London's Labour and Wait

Labour and Wait is a London Shop for those of you who would have really loved to live in the Victorian Age but just missed it. Labour and Wait is an Old World kind of shop, with brooms and brushes and candles and buckets and all kinds of stuff made the old fashioned way.

White enamel pots and pans, hand knitted dishcloths, apple peelers and a glass butter holder are a few of the items in the Labour and Wait Kitchen area. Visiting Labour and Wait is like taking a trip back into time, or stopping off in an antiques store where all the stuff is new instead of old.

I wonder about some of the items, feather dusters and rug beaters haven't really changed all that much have they? Of course, I haven't actively looked one lately either, so maybe they have. There is something charming about the whole idea of Labour and Wait, living a simpler life and using something is made to last.

All of the items at Labour and Wait make you want to pick them up and take them home. They make you feel like you can boil water or get juice out of a lemon. These are items without computer chips and complex instructions on their operations. My dear Sainted Mother would have liked Labour and Wait and recognized all of the items that they sell.

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