Sunday, September 19, 2010

London Fun with Covent Garden Punch and Judy Festival

Punch and Judy have been a bit of a mystery to me, but I have to admit that there is something about silly voices and puppets hitting each other that is appealing. So Kiddos and grown-ups alike may enjoy heading down to the Covent Garden Punch and Judy Festival, which is celebrating a special anniversary this year.

Taking place on October 3rd, this free event is marking the 30th anniversary of the Punch and Judy Fellowship, which is the largest and oldest organisation solely focused on keeping those two famous children’s characters alive.

There are plenty of members of this peculiar institution, which counts as its patron legendary comedian Ken Dodd OBE.

If this sounds like your kind of comedy then travel down to Covent Garden Piazza after 11:00 BST on the day to see a variety of performances of the tale until 16:30.

Guests at London hotels may not be aware of the history of Punch and Judy, a topic which they can no doubt investigate at the festival.

It is widely thought that Punch and Judy originates from 15th-century street theatre, but the first mention of it came in a diary entry by Samuel Pepys from 1662, when he noted that it was being performed in Covent Garden - making the show’s location all the more poignant.

Since then, Punch and Judy has become one of the most stereotypical seaside entertainment shows in the UK and has made millions of youngsters laugh.

Once commonplace at every seaside resort throughout the country, Punch & Judy shows have been entertaining audiences for many generations.

For more information on this London event visit the Website of Punch and Judy or contact the venue on +44 (0)20 7395 3765.