Friday, September 5, 2008

London Best UK City-Well, Duh

"Tourism is key to the capital's economy and it's vital that we remain ahead of the competition attracting visitors from around the world all year round."-London Mayor Boris Johnson

London has been named as the UK's best city to visit by the readers of Conde Nast Traveller magazine.

Beating off competition for destinations such as Edinburgh and Bath, London reached the top spot due to the standard of its cultural attractions, nightlife and restaurants. Though it is not the cleanest-Durham-not the friendliest-Glasgow, people still preferred London this year.

London does get a bit more US press than any of the other UK cities on the list. The Fox show Bones had it's season opener set in London and they talked about how it was good luck to see the bridge open on the Tower Bridge. Which I had not heard before-but it was a cute bit for the story as the bridge opened behind them when they weren't looking.

London is often the back drop of great movies and TV Shows. What kid didn't grow with Mary Poppins floating over the rooftops of London or take a flight with Peter Pan flying by Big Ben on his way to Never Never Land? From Sherlock Holmes to Dr Who, London always seems to be where the action is.

Of course, the real world London and all the countless London Attractions make for a great trip. Not that I wouldn't take a side trip to any or all of the other Top Ten UK Cities, one of my regrets from our last trip was that we didn't made a trip to Liverpool and visit all those Beatles sites. Of course, London has it's own share of things to do with the Beatles. Just one more reason London is best.

1. London
2. Edinburgh
3. Liverpool
4. Durham
5. Glasgow
6. Oxford
7. Bath
8. Manchester
9. Leeds
10. Cambridge

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