Saturday, September 13, 2008

London River Cruises

The best thing about London is that its on the way to Amsterdam.-My Brother Don

I write about a few travel related topics, and I have these plans of seeing more of the world one of these days. More of London in particular. So I get the occasional travel catalog. Oddly these travel brochures are seldom just tours of Britain or London-they are more often Grand Tours that trek the whole of Europe. With just the occasional stop over in London before you head off to Budapest or Cairo.

I don't know why I get most of the travel catalogs that I get. I am not like Hyacinth Bucket-pronounced Bouquet-and request every catalog on record for the QEII or African Safaris. Though if I win the lotto it would be fun to request a few. As it is I have signed up for a couple of contests here and there, and I think that is how my name has found its way onto these mailing lists.

My most recent catalog is for Viking River Cruises in Europe, Russia, and China. A fairly broad area to be taking river cruises to my way of thinking. Most of these river cruises are in the four to six thousand dollar range and seem to last about 10 to 16 days. If Viking River Cruises wants to give me and the wife a nice Cruise somewhere I'd be happy to write a few blog posts about it. Otherwise it will just be fun to look at the pictures.

Of course, my London thoughts tend to wander to Cruises on the Thames in London. My own London Cruising experience was a three and half hour ride down to Hampton Court, which was about three hours longer than we expected it to be. That was one way. It was an interesting experience though. We also took a short trip from one side of the Thames to the other at one point and got a bit of commentary on the London buildings lining the river.

The more serious London River Cruises offer diners and bars and lots of windows for seeing all of the wonders of London floating by. Below are some of the London River Cruise Companies that Google and Rough Guide like. Though to be honest, Google just likes the names.

Canal and River Cruises-London canal and river boat trip cruise, Private narrow boat charter for your exclusive use. The views provide a whole new perspective on the magnificient City of London

Crown River Cruises-Crown River Cruises offers luxurious cruises supplying meals and entertainment and also provides circular cruises for sightseeing.

City Cruises-City Cruises operates sightseeing cruises and evening dinner & dance cruises on London's River Thames all year round.

Viking River Cruises-Just hang out in London until the Grand Adventure of a long river cruise begins. The kind of stuff that dreams are made of.

Bateaux London-Offering fine food, breathtaking river views, live entertainment and professional service, a Thames lunch or dinner cruise provides the perfect indulgence.

Thames River Services-A visit to London is incomplete without a cruise along the Thames, either as an introduction to the many sights and scenes to be enjoyed during your stay or as a treasured memory of your visit. All year round, our boat service leaves regularly from Westminster Pier.

London River Cruises-London River Cruises can pick your guests up from any of the piers in or around the London area and take you to your destination while enjoying a drink crusing along the River Thames

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