Sunday, September 14, 2008

London Thoughts Redesign

For the loyal readers that might have noticed, I have been doing a bit of housecleaning on London Thoughts and trying to make it run a tad smoother. This is hard for me as I love to add all kinds of odd widgets and doodads to a blog once I start it. The Digg Button is a cool little item, but it has given me trouble on London Thoughts and it has gone the way of all good things.

I also whipped up a Header for London Thoughts. I know the double decker bus and the Union Jack are pretty generic, but I think overall it have a nice look to it. The transition from the Old World London Map to the Tube Map seems to work and think the bright colors give it a nice pop. Of course, I could be a bit blind in my old age and it is so bright on your computer that you have to sheild your eyes. Any comments on the new layout and header are welcome.

London Thoughts new layout is more of a magazine style blog and I like the tabs and what nots. Found this free template at BTemplates and they have several other good looking layouts. I am still tweaking here and there-as always. A few of the old add-ons didn't have a spot on the new layout and a few others need to be re-sized. I am not totally sure about that long list of keywords, but maybe it will help get the occasional reader to look at another post while they are here.

I am toying with the idea of selling 125x125 ads, but I'm not really sure how much to ask for them. Likewise I am wondering if I could sell custom Blog Header designs, but also need to do a bit more research on the going rate for Blog Headers. So it is all still a work in flux and hopefully getting better and better all the time.


Sparkly Songbird said...

Am loving your Redesign! It's also loading way faster!
Congrats on such a quick and seemingly pain-free changeover! The header is really attractive and very distinctive - if only I had your design capabilities - the best I can do is change the colours of a standard template!!!
Long Live London Thoughts!

Descartes said...

Glad to hear that it is working better and that you like the new header.

Thanks for the cheers.