Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Wapping Project-East London

Wapping Food is a one off and there are few of those left in London.

Well, you just have to love something called Wapping. It has a nice visceral sound to it, doesn't it? The Wapping Project is a former hydraulic plant which is now a bar/restaurant/gallery. The Wapping Project is an idea consistently in transition-whatever that means. Sounds like a cool place though. The website has a couple of odd little films and a few interesting images.

It seems that Kate Moss is going to be married at Wapping Food, which is part of the Wapping Project. Just a small intimate affair that requires the use of the entire space. Of course, Kate isn't the only one who likes the Wapping Project. There just seems to be something profound about eating next to old hydraulic pumps-being in a large industrial space that is now put to uses it was never meant to have.

The Wapping Hydraulic Power Station (built 1890) was originally run by the London Hydraulic Power Company in Wapping, London, England. After it was closed as a power station 1977 it was reopened is 2000 as the arts centre and restuarant of today.

Lola is Beutiful thought the Wapping Project was ok, in an altering life for the better kind of way. I didn't find anyone that didn't like it, but hey, what's not to like?

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