Friday, May 23, 2008

Bicycle Touring in London

London. One of the world’s great cities. We know it, and we show it.
-London Bicycle Tour Company

Enjoy London from a different perspective with an exhilarating London bike tour from the London Bicycle Tour Company at Gabriel’s Wharf near Waterloo Station. London bike tours are free with the London Pass – at nearly £18.00 for an adult ticket-this is one of the best savings with the London Pass.

The London Bicycle Tour Company lets you see London in a unique way. Choose a mountain bike or a traditional bicycle and enjoy a guided tour of London attractions. Cycle with an expert guide and stop at intervals to hear about the history of London around you. I've always been big on cycling and I will have to think about getting on a bike once I am in London again. Of course, just walking in London was often an adventure with all the Look Left, or Look Right signs.

All the bike routes are designed to keep you away from traffic and take you to areas you wouldn’t normally see by car. Helmets and insurance are included. The traffic in London is pretty impressive-but I never drove there, just rode buses and walked all over the place. Riding a bicycle would have been nice at a couple of spots. But I would need that guide as I can get lost in a phone booth.

With London Pass you can get free one-hour London bicycle hire on weekdays OR a free tour at weekends (tours are only available on Saturday or Sunday).

There more than just the London bike tours-with London Pass you are entitled to a range of offers on other tours that can show you a totally different view of London. If you enjoy your London bicycle tour then why not try a Thames boat tour with City Cruises, discover Regent’s Canal with Jason’s Traditional Canal Boat Trip or enjoy a legendary London sightseeing trip with Evan Evans Tours.

London Pass also gives you dozens of other special offers and discounts in shops, restaurants and bars and free entry to London attractions, museums and historic buildings.

All London Pass Attractions & Offers

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