Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crumbs and Doilies-It's All About The Cupcake

Crumbs and Doilies Cupcakes takes the idea of the cupcake to new heights. Like all modern food prevayors they use the words like organic and natural rather a lot in their descriptions.

All Crumbs & Doilies cupcakes are freshly-baked using organic free-range eggs, organic Doves Farm flour and other top quality ingredients. Our vanilla cupcakes are made using real Madagascan vanilla, our chocolate with real Valrhona chocolate, lemon with real organic lemons, carrot with real organic carrots and coffee with real Arabica coffee. There’s no additives, preservatives or funny stuff.

Well, they sound good to me. But then I am a cupcake kind of guy. I have always been a big fan of small cakes with large amounts of icing on them. Bright colours and strong flavors have always been a good working combination for me. Of course, I have not actually eaten any Crumbs and Doilies Cupcakes-but I have eaten plenty of other cupcakes.

Crumbs and Doilies can be found hanging around Partridges Food Market on the Kings Road every Saturday from 10am until 4pm-or so it says on their website.

For the more creative type they have a little Name that Cupcake contest where you can win a box of 24 mini cupcakes. I wonder if they would ship them to Texas if I won?

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