Wednesday, May 14, 2008

London's St Paul's Cathedral

One of the most amazing things about visiting London is how close together all the major attractions are. St Paul's Cathedral is not too far from The Tower of London-and of course, visiting London for the first time everything was worth stopping and looking at. Old London is quickly disappearing, as London is a lively city busy remaking itself all the time. But St Paul's Cathedral will likely be around for the long haul.

St Paul’s Cathedral is the masterpiece of a genius, Britain’s most admired architect, Sir Christopher Wren. St Paul's Cathedral is also one of the world’s best-loved buildings. As the 300th anniversary approaches-St Paul's Cathedral was completed in 1710-the Cathedral is undergoing an historic £40 million restoration campaign to mark the anniversary and to prepare the Cathedral for its next three hundred years.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married here and the Duke of Wellington’s tomb is in the Crypt. You can easily walk to St. Paul’s from the St. Paul’s Tube stop which is two blocks from the cathedral entrance.

It is an impressive place and deserves a good look. The problem is often one of time. There is so much to see and do in London that St Paul's Cathedral often gets a low spot on the Must See lists behind flasher items like The London Eye or the British Museum. St Paul's Cathedral is well worth seeing, it is amazing and listening to the audio tour is a good way to soak it all in. Be prepared for a workout when you take the full tour, this is a large building with a lot of stairs. But the views from the top are not to be missed and the level of detail work is beyond belief.

Cathedral is open to sightseers from Monday to Saturday between 8.30 - 16.00 (last admission).
Adults £9.50 Concession £8.50 Family Ticket £22.50 Children (7-17) £3.50
Tickets sold between 15.30 - 16.00, will be for the Cathedral floor and Crypt only, and will be charged at a reduced rate.
Guided and audio tours, see Web site

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Sparkly Songbird said...

Sorry to inform you that adult entry is now £10... though free entry and discounted audio guides are thrown in with the London Pass!

Descartes said...

Ah well, that's what I get for trusting their website.