Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Westminster Abby London

Poets were buried or memorialized around Chaucer in what became known as Poets' Corner. These include; William Blake, Robert Burns, Lord Byron, T. S. Eliot, Thomas Gray, Gerard Manley Hopkins, John Keats, John Milton, Nicholas Rowe, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Thomas Shadwell, William Shakespeare and William Wordsworth.-Wikipedia

As a photographer I was a bit disappointed with many sites in London. The rules for Westminster Abby are much like the rules for other Royal or Historic Sites in London-Photography and filming (pictures and/or sound) of any kind is not allowed in any part of the Abbey at any time. Which makes it kind of hard to get those cool shots of the statue of Shakespeare in the Poets Corner. You can buy postcards with pictures of just about anything you would want. But that is never exactly the same as taking your own image, even if it is the same as a million others who have come before you.

Westminster Abby is more than a spot to take photo-its a totally amazing place with too many wonders to take in. The tagline says From 1065 to Today and that's a pretty long time. You used to be able to make brass rubbings here as well, but a thousand years of people making carbon copes has taken its toil on the brass plates. The Abby is still a working church and so there are Services here if you would like to attend one.

Westminster Abby is a London must see. The building is amazing and awe inspiring. Westminster Abbey is usually open to visitors from Monday to Saturday throughout the year. On Sundays and religious holidays such as Easter and Christmas, the Abbey is open for worship only. There are several types of tours available-Audio Tours, Guided Tours, and Verger-led Tours. Allow several hours & include seeing St. Margaret's Church & Jewel Tower. If you love architecture as I do, then make sure you don't miss a visit to the Abbey.


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