Monday, October 13, 2008

Get an English Title-My Lord or Lady

With a Title in front of your name you will experience a difference in people's attitudes. The moment they know you are a "Sir, Lady, Lord, etc", you will be treated like some sort of Royalty or famous Film star. is a place that sells British Titles-become a Lord or a Lady. The whole idea is so wonderfully silly. Do Lords and Ladies get better tables at restaurants? Does a Title get you a seat at a sold out West End Show? Do the Titled get to move to the head of the que? Will Airlines upgrade you? Well, according to Elite Titles they just might.

These Titles are totally legal and they last all your life. You can even change your driving licence, passport, credit cards and bank accounts to show your new effective Title. You don't have to live in the UK or be a British citizen (We show you the simplest way to do this when you receive the documents). Before offering the Seated Title service the whole process was scrutinised by lawyers specialising in English Common Law relating to names, Titles and Copyright as well as all aspects of Real Estate and Land Law.

Lords is London is a Cricket Club, a Hotel, and a DIY shop-that's a whole other story.

The title of Lord of the Manor arose in the English mediaeval system of Manorialism following the Norman Conquest. The title Lord of the Manor is a titular feudal dignity which is still recognised today. Their holders are entitled to call themselves "[Personal name], The Lord/Lady of the Manor of [Place name]" During the latter part of the twentieth century, many of these titles were sold to wealthy individuals seeking a distinction.

And you can become a Lord or Lady for a mere £195 when purchased singularly and £299 where a couple wish to purchase joint Titles, or £995 for "Seated Titles", includes 2 applicants.

For the person who has everything - a Title!

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