Sunday, October 5, 2008

Home House London

Home House is London's most exclusive 'Private Members Club' offering personal service in all areas of the House. The House, with a long and colourful history; offers members the opportunity of being part of something special in the heart of London. -Home House

Is there anything more British than a Private Club? In the U.S. a Private Club is usually a bar with exotic dancers and brass poles here and there. The closest thing that comes to mind in America with a British Private Club is something like the Masons or the Shriners-where there are various and sundry rules about getting in-or at least, there used to be.

Home House is old-the same as the United States-In 1776 James Wyatt was commissioned by Elizabeth, Countess of Home to build a house at 20 Portman Square. But it wasn't until 1999 that it became a Private Club for discerning clientele. There is said to be a very long waiting list to become a member of Home House and you do need to know someone who is already a member to join.

Home House seems to be one of those love it or hate it kind of places. My brother is one of those people that visits historic homes and says-Well, it was just an old house. I'm more easily impressed and I like the looks of Home House and the idea of a Private Club. The Home House website is fun to wander around in and I like Royal Alligator logo. There are meals to eat and rooms to rent at Home House, though you need to know someone to use them and I don't. Seems there are a lot of weddings and the like at Home House and if you happen to Rich and Famous you can always hire the place for a private party.

Home House London is one of the finest works of the 18th century designer, decorator and all-round architectural genius Robert Adam. Within the maze of 130 rooms you can sit quietly in a world of your own, discreetly talk business, or immerse yourself in a sociable buzz. At the hub of Home House is The Bison Bar – humming with news, views and gossip, and fueled by the energy of Europe’s greatest capital City.

You must be a member of Home House, or a guest of a member, to use any of the facilities. Just one more thing to add to list of things to do once I win the Lottery.


Adam James Nall said...

Interesting stuff. I hadn't heard of 'home house' I must admit. Which probably means they would 'admit' me...



Descartes said...

I always liked Groucho's bit about not wanting to join any club that would accept him as a member.