Saturday, August 2, 2008

London Dungeon and The London Bridge Experience

One of my favorite bits of silliness in London is the London Dungeon. This is a wax museum/haunted house kind of London attraction. We went to The London Dungeon after we visited the Tower of London. It was a fairly short walk across the Tower Bridge to get there. Now it seems that The London Bridge Experience has decided to open a haunted house right across the street from the London Dungeon and London Dungeon is not happy about it. The case is heading to court over what Merlin Entertainments-London Dungeon's Parent Co.-see as an attraction which is transparently designed to mirror the London Dungeon’s concept and marketing positioning.

The Wife is a big fan of Haunted Houses and one of our favorite spots to head to around Halloween is Kansas City, as they have several haunted houses right next to each other. I can see that London Dungeon would not be happy about a very similar attraction setting up shop across the street, but as a tourist who likes this type of attraction, I have to ask why not? Of course, not everyone will want to spend the time or money to see both-so I guess it would depend on how much alike they are.

We have all kinds of odd laws in the U.S. about Adult Business not being close to other Adult Businesses or Churches or Schools or Night Clubs and so on and so forth. London is a big city and it would seem that it could have been easy enough to put this attraction somewhere else-even on the other end of the London Bridge would be better than right next to an already established business of the same type. But then, shops set up next to other shops and the West End is full of Theaters sitting side by side.

If The London Bridge Experience is successful, then will the entire neighborhood convert to nothing but Haunted Houses? And would that be a good thing or a bad thing?

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