Monday, August 11, 2008

About My Place-London Maps and More

About My Place is a pretty nifty UK Map and Info utility that is sort of like Google Earth. This is one of those utilities that goes form a satellite scale shot of Earth all the way down to street level maps and offers photo images on certain areas.

I'm not one of those people who is glued to a Blackberry or an iPhone, but if you have one of those mobile devices, you could use this to get around. Or if your like me, you can use it for the occasional virtual visit to London.

The info section has schools and house prices. Now this is kind of fun. Want to move to London? A nice Knightsbridge Flat sold for £2,850,000 on 07 Apr, 2008. A little pricey, that? How about a sweet Camden Town Flat that sold for £382,500 on 03 Sep, 2007? Using the School info tells you how far schools are away from your new million pound hangout. Guess I need to win the Lotto before I get that London flat like Madonna and Gillian Anderson.

Of course, About My Place is not just a mapquest for London, but for the whole UK. Maybe that London Flat is out of the question except for rock and movie stars-how about a place that sold for £82,500 on 27 Jun, 2008 in Inverness? Could run over to Loch Ness and look for the monster whenever the mood struck. Or maybe a spot in Edinburgh that sold for £124,950 on 20 May, 2008.

This bit of business with the Property Prices is fun, but then, I am pretty easily amused.

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