Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hard Rock Cafe London

Standing on Old Park Lane since June 14th 1971, this is the one that started it all. The brainchild of Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, the cafe attracted customers from day one with first-rate but moderately priced casual American fare (available no-where else in London or the UK at the time), warm service and ubiquitous Rock 'n' Roll music and sensibility - Hard Rock Cafe London became an instant classic.-Hard Rock Cafe London.

Stopping by for an overpriced hamburger and a good long stare at the stuff on the walls is what The Hard Rock Cafe is all about. Seems that every city in the world has a Hard Rock Cafe these days, but the Hard Rock Cafe London was the first. The idea that you couldn't buy a hamburger in London restaurants in 1971 is a bit odd, since three story tall McDonald's dot the central London landscape today. If you like American food such as hamburgers, BLT's, Nachos and similar fare The Hard Rock Cafe London is a good place to go.

The food is always great at a Hard Rock Cafe Restaurant, and they do serve drinks so you can be as rowdy as you like. In fact, my own experience at most Hard Rock Cafes is that they are LOUD. So don't expect to sit and have a quiet chat, expect to yell to be heard over the Rock and Roll music bouncing off all the old guitars and records hanging on the walls.

One of the cool features of the Hard Rock Cafe London website is the Hard Rock Memorabilia page. Here is a mosaic of the many cool rock and roll items The Hard Rock Cafe has gathered over the years. What's cool about this bit of business is that you can zoom in close enough to see the autographs on the guitars and read the cover of the Beatles Paint By The Numbers Kit. There's an item you don't see everyday. While this is not as cool as standing right next to an item in a Hard Rock Cafe, it is kind of fun to fiddle around with.

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