Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Liberty of London

The Liberty store has a striking façade, however, once inside the true beauty of building is realised. From aged wooden staircases and quaint lifts to awe-inspiring atriums and hidden rooms, Liberty's interior is as much a constant source of wonder as the exterior.

The more my thoughts wander around London, the more I realize that it is impossible to see all the cool London Attractions one would like to see without actually living there. Since it is unlikely that I will be moving to London, barring winning a very large Lottery, I will have to be a bit more selective on what I plan on seeing when I do manage to get back across the Pond.

I feel that I have seen a good deal of the Major London Attractions, though there are plenty of those that I would like to stop by and see again. I keep thinking of smaller, and yet still very interestingattractions in London. London is filled to the gills with all kinds of great attractions, both large and small, well known and unknown. Well, unknown to the likes of me, anyway.

Liberty of London is one such place. Right-I know Liberty of London is not exactly on a par with The Tower of London or The British Museum, but I have a great weakness for junk shops of all sorts-and Liberty of London is a junk shop of all sorts. Plus I really love their website-that bit where you can play random piano notes as you scroll over the thumbnails is brilliant.

You have to just love old Tudor buildings in London and Liberty is a great old Tudor Building. While not exactly Hampton Court, it does have a lot of high beams and plaster walls and I have always had a weakness for skylights of all sorts. Ok, not exactly a junk store, more of a fine and rare stuff store-and lots of it.

They even have food and a place to get a haircut. I could easily see spending the better part of a day wandering around Liberty of London, or at least until I ran out of money and had leave before taking out a loan-they do offer financial services at Liberty of London. The very idea of a Champagne & Oyster Bar is kind of posh for me, but I think I could get used to it. I do like oysters. The description of the room says they have Acropolis marble counter tops-no wonder the old place is a ruins if people take the marble and make counters out of it.

Liberty of London is open seven days a week, so there is no excuse not to stop by for an oyster or two and maybe a nice scarf. Nearest tubes-Oxford Circus - Central, Bakerloo and Victoria lines and Piccadilly Circus - Piccadilly and Bakerloo lines.


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