Friday, April 11, 2008

Showtime's The Tudors Season 2

The Second Season of Showtime's The Tudors picks up where the first season ended, except that Henry the VIII is a bit older and has grown a beard and mustache. It also very dark, as in a lot of candlelight and a lot of shadowy figures lurking about in London. After two episodes it is shaping up to be just as good as last season.

Last season the general theme of the show was that the world would have been a better place, or at least England would have been a better place, if Cardinal Wolsey could have somehow taken control of young Henry the VIII and shook some sense into him. Which didn't happen, by the way.

So our older and not much wiser Henry the VIII is well on his way to getting rid of the Catholic Church and replacing it with the Church of England, where the Clergy can marry and Vickers will be the stars of British sitcoms of the future. Before they are all the fun and games, Henry will have a scorched earth policy against The Church. Thomas More, who was made Saint for his efforts, hates what Henry is doing but is powerless to stop him.

In the first couple of episodes Henry is sort of nice, he has yet to realize that the best way to deal with your enemies is just to kill them outright. It's hard to watch this show about a happy Henry and Anne Boleyn and not think about the future. Death and more death lies ahead.

But until such time, everything is lovely. The clothes are amazing and the sets are wonderful. The writing a pretty damned good as well. And there is a bit of nudity and wanton lust. The term bodice ripper comes to mind here. I wonder if anyone is watching Showtime's The Tudors instead of studying history? I think it's close enough, don't you?

The Tudors

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