Tuesday, April 29, 2008

London Hotels

Looking for London Hotels? Hotel Club has a good site with a long list of London Hotels with their recommended London Hotels at the top of the page. They have 3 star London hotels, 4 star London hotels, and 5 star London hotels listed.

Among the list are some of the best hotels in London, including the Savoy Hotel, The Four Seasons Hotel, and the Ritz Hotel London.

There are also many discount London hotels listed, and while there are really no cheap hotels in London, there are less expensive hotels to be found on Hotel Club.

The hotels in London I have stayed at have all been very nice, and I have always enjoyed my stays. I have never stayed any of the luxury hotels in London, but I have walked by a few and they look very nice.

Hotels in central London are near most of the touristy stuff, and many of them are discount hotels as well. As always, it's a good idea to get a London hotel reservation before you head over there. I have never traveled during the high season so I had no trouble finding a hotel in London, England.

Hotel Club is a well ordered site where you can browse the hotels in London with ease and at your own pace. One of the London hotels that I have stayed at and liked was The Royal National Hotel. It is a short walk from The British Museum and just around the corner from the Tube Station.

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