Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Routemaster-Double Decker Bus

There are a number of website devoted to the Roadmaster, all of which lament the passing into history of this London icon in 2005. There are still a couple of Heritage Routes which employ Routemasters, but the general feeling is that is it not enough. Government legislation requires full accessibility by 2017 under the Disability Discrimination Act. As a consequence the Routemaster was officially withdrawn from general service on December 9th, 2005.

Routemaster-Last Stop is one of my favorite Routemaster sites, as it plays a sad little song over and over as you flip through images of the Routemaster and it's many drivers and fare collectors.

The Routemaster Association has news, photos, faqs, and listings of Routemasters for sale. They also have a ton of links for everything to do with AEC Routemasters from its history to what the site of the AEC factory looks like today.

The Routemaster Owner's Club as its own magazine as well a pretty neat website, though I could do with out the musical intros myself. There seems to be a lot of club business here, but there are a few bits of history and photos worth looking at.

The Wikipedia page for Routemaster is pretty good as well. There are hints that a new and improved Routemaster is on the horizon, but no hard facts about it happening anytime soon.

Paul Atchinson makes very nice oil paintings of Routemaster buses and other forms of transportation.

I also kind of like One Old Green Bus, a blog about a green Routenmaster and The Dream. It's a blog, like many others filled with random nonsense and kind of common theme. I like the idea that Dr Who is a blessing, and I agree with it.

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