Sunday, April 13, 2008

London Loves Leather - Alkara Designer Handbags

I am not an expert on Designer Handbags, in fact, Prada handbags are about the only designer handbag that springs to my mind. But I do like to keep an eye out for interesting things with a London tie in, so Alkara handbags from London fit my bill.

Alkara's exclusive collection of both day and evening bags exude style, elegance and panache. Alkara is committed to creating handbags for the discerning lady who loves and cherishes her handbags - Alkara's collections allow its clients to enrich their wardrobes with some truly luxurious and exquisite pieces.

Alkara's latest Collection in keeping with today's ever-changing styles, colours and trends, incorporates contemporary designs in vibrant colours - Reds, Purples, Greens, Oranges, Pinks and Blacks (always with bright linings - making it easier to see the contents of the bag). Pewter Rings and Chic leather and semi precious stone tassles add glamour and style.

Alkara's handbags & accessories are designed in London by Camilla Daubeney and are made from the finest luxurious Napa Leather, sumptuous Suede, pure Silk, Ostrich Skin, Eel skin and Cotton. Each piece is individually made by our talented craftsmen, meticulous attention being paid to every detail during all stages of production to ensure superior quality.

With names like Pluto Alkara's designer handbags do have a bit of style. They may not be Gucci or Francesco Biasia yet, but I think they have a shot. All they need is for Paris Hilton or Oprah to be seen carrying one next time they are in London and Alrara designer handbags will be on their way.

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