Friday, March 28, 2008

Street Sensation-London's Favorite Streets

Street Sensation is window shopping in London put online. Pick a neighborhood, say Camden Town, and then pick a street, say Parkway, and whamo-you have this panoramic image of the buildings that line Parkway in Camden Town. If the business has a website, like Green Note, there will be a link to that as well as a bit of general info about the business. The addition of little silhouette people on the street gives it a fun feel of a real London street, as there is always someone walking about in London.

Picking a London neighborhood brings up a little about page for that area-and a list of major roads and a small map. You can then click on the streets in the map to get to the more detailed info and the panoramic images of the London streets. Just looking at the many London streets I have wandered around has been a bit of fun. I tend to notice the America fast food. A few KFCs and Starbucks and the like. There is a search box, but I didn't have any luck finding anything with it. Maybe I am just not good with London addresses.

But Street Sensations is a wonderful time sink, as the main page says-
Entire streetscapes showing over 3500 shops, bars and restaurants in the liveliest areas of London - Oxford Street and Regent Street; Portobello Road and Notting Hill; the King's Road in Chelsea; Carnaby Street; Covent Garden, Bond Street; Knightsbridge; Soho and Chinatown; Islington and Camden. Walking in London is often tiring and takes a lot longer than you think it will. Just roaming the virtual streets of London can take a bit of time, but it still a lot of fun.

Of course, having London chopped down to one story tall is an odd experience as well. Harrods just doesn't look Harrods without the rest of the building rising up to the sky. Still, most of the buildings look just fine and are really all you get see when walking anyway. Its a bit of fun and pretty useful as well.

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