Monday, March 31, 2008

The Rolling Stones and Martin Scorsese

The Rolling Stones are a bunch of old white guys, so who better to make a concert film about than another old white-Martin Scorsese? Shine a Light is going to open on a record number of IMAX screens and will likely make lots of Rolling Stones fans very happy. I'm not the biggest Stones fan in the world, I was always more of a Beatles man myself. But The Beatles are done for, and the Stones just keep rolling on.

So it looks like a fun movie, concert films can take themselves a bit too seriously, but this one looks fun. For a while there it looked like Mick Jagger was going to be a movie star, or at least, Mick Jagger wanted to be a movie star. The one movie he was a player in that I liked was called Free Jack and had to do with time travel and free will and all that kind of thing. Mick's best line was-Whose using hard ammunition?

Scorsese filmed the Rolling Stones for two nights at New York City's Beacon Theater on October 29 and November 1, 2006. The concert footage is intercut with glimpses of the preparations for the shows and with historical news clips and archival interviews with band members. The shows were noted for their star-studded crowds, including former President Bill Clinton.

There is a ton of Rolling Stones stuff on their Myspace page. The Rolling Stones were founded in London in 1962 and have been going strong ever since. Shine A Light features 17 songs-mainly comprised of concert warhorses like "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Start Me Up" and "Brown Sugar," and also has guest appearances by blues legend Buddy Guy, White Stripes guitarist Jack White and singer Christina Aguilera.

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