Wednesday, March 12, 2008

London and HomeExchange

The travel company called was simply one of several companies working in the field of vacation and home exchanges (Live like a local – Stay for FREE. 18,000+ Worldwide Listings. Local-weekend-international swaps). Then Hollywood produced an silly but very enthusiastic movie about a home exchange (The Holiday, starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet) in which the owner of a mansion in southern California swaps (for a time) her gigantic residence-with-swimming-pool-and-grounds for a cozy cottage in Great Britain. There are also a number of great exchanges in London. Reference was made in the film to, which is portrayed as bringing about the fictitious swap. The entire transaction, as depicted in the film, took less than 24 hours to arrange.

A lot of bookings took place. The phones rang off the walls, and thousands of people from all around the world rushed to add their houses or apartments to the vacation inventory of There are only a few London exchanges, which is not too surprising since housing in London is always at a premium. But there are flats in London, so it is worth a look. And if you live in London, this would be a good time to think adding your place to the listings. Why not let someone enjoy a London Vacation, while you are off enjoying someplace you've always wanted to go?

At the Los Angeles Times Travel Show, the owner of was in attendance, along with his expanded staff and a recently-hired public relations representative. His firm has grown in size, and charges a fee of $99 a year for its assistance. If you don't find a home exchange the first year-your second year is free. has over 18,000 listings -- repeat, 18,000 houses and apartments around the globe whose owners are willing to exchange with you. While may not be the largest such exchange firm, it's a contending for the top spot-and should be considered for your own next vacation.

Home Exchange is the single most logical, reasonable, and economical method of travel. It permits you to use an asset -- your own home or apartment -- to enjoy a free-of-charge stay in someone else's house or apartment. You live at the destination as a resident, not a tourist. Feeling at home in London would a lot easier with a real home in London.


Lois said...


So pleased to hear that you like 'my town' (I came to London from Canada nearly 40 years ago and have lived here ever since!) I have also been running a home exchange service since 1985 and, being based in London, our agency, Home Base Holidays, has a very wide choice of attractive home exchange offers - in central London, the suburbs and surrounding counties (as well as throughout the UK and worldwide). I do hope you will check out the offers.

And, for more information about home exchange, please visit my blog, Travel the Home Exchange Way.

I hope you will be tempted to visit London again soon.


Descartes said...

Ah the temptation is ever present, the money however, not so much. I am planning on returning one of these days.
Thanks for the info on your Home Exchange.