Monday, March 17, 2008

London Travel Options

London is a very user friendly place and traveling around London is easy with its many forms of transportation. The most common mode of transport is the London Underground and it operates throughout the day [from early morning to late night]. Other forms include buses, taxis etc. The whole city is divided into 6 zones with zone 1 and 2 referred as 'Central London'.

With London's endless choice of theatres, sports and music venues, you won't be short of entertainment. This is the place to be if you're looking for world-class art, exhibitions, music and more. More information can be found at Visit London.

Accommodation in London offers a variety of choices from budget low room rate and to high-class luxury rooms. One of the best hotels in London is The Ritz and one of the best priced hotels in London is Regent Palace. The time I was in London I stayed at a small hotel just down the road from The British Museum-it was not a great hotel, but it was good.

Finding a place to eat in London is a difficult task not because of scarcity of restaurants but because of such a wide variety and number of places. Chinese, Indian and Italian are the most popular cuisines in London. London Eating provides the easiest way to identify the closest restaurants of the choice of your cuisine. But London is an expensive place in an expensive country. So mind your wallet when going out for dinner.

For theatre loving people London offers unmatched opportunities of musicals, plays, comedies. The main theatres are located in London's West End and all the information/bookings can be done in the Leicester Square area. I didn't get around to doing any London Theater, but I hear it is pretty amazing.

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