Wednesday, February 20, 2008

London's Best Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips is a simple British fast food. You fry fish and you fry potatoes, and Bob's Your Uncle. But it isn't all that simple to come to a firm conclusion on what exactly is the best Fish and Chips in London, the best Fish and Chips in the UK, or even the best Fish and Chips in the World. There are so many variables, what kind of fish, what kind of potatoe, what kind of oil

The Times Online wrote an article recently called the UK's Top Ten Fish and Chip Shops, there were 81 comments contesting the list and offering thier own favorites. There were no London Fish and Chip shows on the list for one thing. Not even a Donner Kabob? This little hole in the wall place was one I liked in Camdeon Lock, but it is not really a proper Fish and Chips Shop.

The North Sea Fish Restaurant gets a vote as a good London Fish and Chips Shop. Ollies in Herne Hill gets a vote. There are a lot of people that like their local Chippies. Time Out London has thier own list of London's Best Fish and Chips, and London Eats has a Top Ten Chippies to Die For list. The list below popped up when I Googled Fish and Chips in London. Hey, you have to trust Google, don't you?

Seafresh Fish Restaurant - +44 20 78280747 - 10 reviews

The Fryers Delight - +44 20 74054114 - 7 reviews

The Rock & Sole Plaice - - +44 20 78363785 - 9 reviews

Mister Fish Ltd - +44 20 7229 4161 - 13 reviews

The Golden Hind - +44 20 74863644 - 8 reviews

The Fish Club - - +44 20 7978 7115 - 7 reviews

The Dining Plaice - +44 20 74373280 - 1 review

Traditional Plaice - +44 20 74058277

Flying Fish - +44 20 77017032 - 1 review

Nautilus - +44 20 74352532 - 4 reviews

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