Thursday, February 14, 2008

Beatles London Flat up For Sale

A flat once rented by the Beatles in London is up for sale for about $3.5 million. Who says living in London is expensive?

The Beatles moved into a falt at 57 Green Street, near Hyde Park, in the Autumn of 1963. This was the only home shared by all four Beatles. It was Manager Brain Epstein's way to keep the mobs of fans at bay. The flat is for with Sotheby's.

General Beatles Sites has a long list of sites that cover all aspects of the Beatles. I have a great love of The Beatles myself, having found them when I was an angst stricken teen in the early 1980s. I stay in a hotel in Russell Square just down the road form a hotel the Beatles stayed in. Of course, I didn't know it at the time. One of things to see the next time I am in London is the Abby Road Studio. Just to walk the zebra crossing in St. John's Wood, London, England.

The Beatles old flat has been remodeled into a two-bedroom apartment. It was used from time to time by it's present owner, who lives in California.

"The owner is aware of its history, but hasn't turned it into a Beatles shrine or anything like that," said estate agent Peter Bevan.

Too bad, if I owned it, it's be restored to it's 1963 glory days and added to the very long list of places to see in London that have a Beatles connection. The Beatles are to the U.K. what George Washington is to America, they pretty slept everywhere. Or at least, that's what I hear.

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