Saturday, February 9, 2008

London Eyewitness Travel Guide

The DK Eyewitness Travel London Guide is the best book of its kind for my money. This is a wonderful guide to London filled with photos and diagrams and all the info you'll need for a great trip. Oh, I know, there is a lot more depth in the Let's Go Guides and the Rough Guide-but those books don't have any photos to speak of, do they?

The London DK Eyewitness book is more like a glossy magazine than a travel guidebook. It has heft to it and yet it is still small enough to slide into a back pocket. All the top spots are well covered, with a ton of suggested walking tours. A new features in the London Eyewitness Travel Guide is itineraries, each one follows a theme and sights are reachable with public transportation. The themes for each day are as follows; History and Culture, Shopping in Style, The Great Outdoors and Family Fun Day. There are maps in the back and lots of info about prices and safety and all the things one would expect from a guidebook.

The photos and the many sections on history and food and plants all make this a wonderful book to browse, both for those planing a trip or those wanting to recall one already taken. For me this is the best of the Armchair Travel Guidebooks, as DK Eyewitness London gives a strong feeling of what you'll see and do once you arrive. You can plan and dream and ponder over all the amazing images. I never got around to doing half the things I wanted to do, but it was still fun looking at this London Guidebook. The better to plan that next trip and hit the spots I missed the last time.

London DK Eyewitness Travel Guide is one of my all time favorite books on the great city of London. What you should see, what you should eat, and where you should stay are all covered. I highly recommend it.

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