Monday, February 4, 2008

London, just an idea really

London is a big city, about 600 square miles, about 8 millions people. I am not a native of London, not even as frequent a visitor as I would like. But I do love idea of London. Ok, I love the Touristy bits of the city. I like
listening to the people talk. I like being surrounded by so much history. Though I am not planning a London England vacation at the moment, if I can make enough money, I will be heading back.

So I'll talk about the Good Old Days, and I do mean Old. A bit of history and how much I like The Tudors on Showtime. Maybe a bit of music and a bit of food talk as well from that period.

There's the BBC and how London has been a big part of TV over the years. Modern films ike 28 Days Later and The Chirldren of Man have turned the busy streets of London into a ghost town.

There are interesting Hotels in London, from the Five Star jobs that cost more for a week than I make in a month to the little hostels that the wife and I slept in last time we were in London. There cheap rooms just down the street from the British Museum. Well, cheap hotels for London anyway.

Ah Food, more to London Restaurants than Fish and Chips, but hey, Fish and Chips are pretty goodl. I like Chef Ramsey and Chef Jamie Oliver. I even like the TV Show Chef. Here there will be plenty of room to talk about Dr Who's favorite sweets, Jelly Babies, and how sweet London candy is when compared to bland American chocolate.

I like to thin of all the London attractions, The West End, The Britsih Museum, The Tate Gallery, and all the other amazing museums, just to name a few. The places I went to and the ones that I have not made it to yet. The City of London has more to see and do than I am ever likely to get around to. But I can dream about. Flights to London from DFW leaves on a regular basis and it is only nine hours in the air. I could be there by the end of the week, if I really, really wanted to be. As it is, I will just think about London, and plan what to do on that next trip across the pond.

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