Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hotel Chocolat

Knightsbridge provides many beautiful side streets over flowing with boutiques, tucked away from the noise and hubbub associated with London shopping. Come discover our cozy store and allow us to be your hosts while you escape to our chocolate sanctuary. Indulgence is key, with our generous samples and personal service. Be it chocolate gifts, our fascinating cuisine range or a little treat for yourself you can trust our knowledgeable and passionate team to ensure you leave with a smile on your face.-Hotel Chocolat

Chocolate is one of those things that just about everyone seems to love. The dense and creamy sweetness of that solid turning into a liquid in your mouth. That little rush you get from really good chocolate. The wonderful shapes and colours that chocolate can be formed and molded into. I am not much of a chocolate snob myself, I like just about all chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat bills itself as luxury chocolates, and I have always liked really good chocolate as well as the more common type. So I will have to check out Hotel Chocolat, I hear they are really good chocolates.

Hotel Chocolat
5 Montpelier Street

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