Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beatles Interview Found In London

"For 44 years a canister of film had been stored in a damp garage in South London; unopened, unloved and almost thrown away," the BBC reported.

The nine-minute Beatles interview took place in the studios of Scottish Television on Thursday, April 30, 1964. It seems that John Lennon said Ringo Starr should be seen and not heard-well, Ringo never did get much respect, did he? But he did get the occasional death threat and his songs were the fun ones-while John did that odd bit of business about #9. Well, John Lennon was always joking in those days. The Beatles were just a lark-they never thought it would last.

Seeing all the excitement about the lost Beatles tape, British PM Gordon Brown announced that his favorite Beatles song is "All My Loving." Actually he was asked about his favorite Fab Four song as part of Liverpool's Beatles Day celebration. Beatles Day, on July 10, will mark the 44th anniversary of the Fab Four's triumphant homecoming to Liverpool after they conquered America in 1964. The Echo is also trying to find the most popular Beatles Song.

I love all things Beatles and it is always cool when some new bit of business pops up. Nice that the tape turned up in London-lots of Beatles connections with London though. You'd think that after all these years there wouldn't be anything to find-but they were interviewed by like a gazillion people and some of them must still have the tape laying around somewhere.

I also love the BBC and BBC 4 has the Lost Beatles Interview. The interviewer talks about how he can't recall why he didn't take more photos of The Beatles, but this was before they became THE Beatles-so why would he have taken a ton of photos? Pop groups come and go, don't they? It's only in looking back that it seems a missed opportunity. One of my favorite early Beatles history bits is how Ringo wanted to open a Hair Salon, and how he did. Seems a bit silly now, doesn't it? A lot of the interview is kind of silly as well-but that was one of the great things about the Beatles.

Even after they had made A Hard Day's Night they still thought it was going to be over any minute. Here we are 44 years later and it still isn't over.

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