Monday, July 7, 2008

Lee Ho Fook's-Werewolves of London

Saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand, walking through the streets of Soho in the rain, he was looking for a place called Lee Ho Fook's, going to get a big dish of beef chow mein-
Warren Zevon

There are a handful of songs that I will listen to when the come on the radio no matter how many gazillion times I have heard them-Werewolves of London is one of those songs.

So when I went to London the first time, there were a handful of places I just had to see-Stonehenge, Tower Bridge, and Lee Ho Fook-I know Stonehenge isn't in London, but it was still the top of my list.

London's Chinatown is an amazing place, the phone booths with their little pointed roofs, the windows filled with roasted ducks, and the Apothecary with jars filled with who-knows-what. And there was Lee Ho Fook's, great name anyway. I scanned that little menu by the sidewalk, but there was no beef chow mein on it. Maybe it's a special request item.

But the point was not to eat at Lee Ho Fook's in London, any more than it is necessary to walk across Tower Bridge-just to see it and photograph it and be able to tell your friends-yeah, there really is a Lee Ho Fook in London.

I've been to Mystic, Connecticut as well as London, England. There really is a Mystic Pizza there, and it is a cool little restaurant, with a lot of neon and stuff hanging off the walls- just like in the movie Mystic Pizza. But it is just a pizza joint, albeit one with photos of famous people eating the pizza. So I didn't eat at Lee Ho Fook's, but I did walk by and have a look at it.

Somewhere nearby Lee Ho Fook there was a very pretty Chinese girl in a very elaborate and colorful costume, she was asking a pound to have her picture taken. So I gave her a pound and The Wife took a photo of me and this lovely girl, then I took a photo of the Wife and this lovely girl. The sad bit is that I only had black and white film left, so this girl her in amazing costume rests in my photo album in beautiful monochrome. I have a digital camera now.

Maybe next time I'm in London I'll actually go and eat at Lee Ho Fook's instead of just looking at the menu.

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