Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wallace and Gromit Up for Another Oscar

Wallace and Gromit get their fifth Oscar nomination. Having looked at the competion in the short animated category, I think they have a good chance of winning again. Of course, I liked last year's British nomination This Way Up about a funeral as well, and it didn't win.

I rather like the way that Wallace talks, having been a fan of The Last of The Summer's Wine for lo these many years, I have been a fan of Peter Sallis for some time.

In A Matter of Loaf and Death Wallace and Gromit are bakers being stalked by a mad serial killer. The short film opens with a murder and a splash screen that looks a lot like an old 1940s style murder movie.

There a few funny bits here and there, what with Wallace being his usual thick self and Gromit being there to save the day. Only this time out Gromit has a bit of help from a cute little French Poodle. Wallace, as ever, has no luck in the love department as his dream girl-the no longer light as a feather Bake-O-Lite girl, is the out to get him.

Best of luck, Lads!

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